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Funding the next generation of direct-to-consumer e-commerce

Stealth & Beauty

Direct To Consumer Models

Building a consumer brand, selling directly to consumers, and building relationships. This is the future.

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    Customer DNA

    Improving every single customer touchpoint, all the time.

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    Start Small, Finish Huge

    Building for scale from day one, and thinking big.

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    Make mistakes - fix them

    Things will go wrong - it's how you adapt and learn from it

The Team

Founding Partners

We're a seasoned team of e-commerce professionals with 23 years "each" in the space. If you're top of your game - we're hiring.

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    Philip Wilkinson

    "Do one thing every day that scares you"

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    Jonny Smyth

    "It's only impossible until the first person does it"

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    James Mishreki

    "There is no such thing as simple. Simple is hard"

Who We Work With

We love exceptional brands in the Health and Beauty space with a true passion for products and customers, across the globe.